In addition to QHSF’s regular scholarship, the Foundation manages additional scholarships granted by Qalaa Holdings and its subsidiary companies.

Unless otherwise stated below, the same application process, schedule, eligibility criteria and conditions as QHSF’s apply to the following scholarships.

Please note that applicants to any of the awards below cannot apply for a QHSF scholarship in parallel.

The Egyptian Refining Company Scholarship

The Egyptian Refining Company International Scholarship will go towards funding the studies of 1 master’s degree student per year in any academic discipline. Although all eligible  applicants are welcome to apply, this scholarship will give priority to the residents of the areas of Musturud, Khousous and Matareya where ERC operates. Residents of these neighborhoods applying to the scholarship are requested to include a copy of their ID card in their application package. The ERC scholarship covers both tuition fees and living expenses.

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The May and Ahmed Heikal Scholarship

The MAHS is a private award that goes towards funding the studies of 2 master’s degree students per year at New York University to study in any field. The MAHS award covers tuition fees only.